H4 Visa for Jamaican Applicants


  • High approval rate for H4 Visa applications.
  • Ideal for Jamaican H2B workers to bring their families to the United States.
  • Allows spouses and children under 21 to join the visa holder in the U.S.
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Cost-Effective Application Package

Our comprehensive H4 Visa package includes the service fee/processing fee, and consular fee for 1 applicant, ensuring a convenient and budget-friendly application process for your specific needs.

High Approval Rates

With the H4 Visa, you benefit from an exceptionally high approval rate and a fast, efficient application process, accessible to Spanish-speaking applicants worldwide.

Children’s Education

The H4 Visa allows your children to attend local schools, ensuring they receive a quality education in the United States.

Flexible Stay Options

Customize how long you stay with the H4 Visa to fit your family’s plans, whether it’s a brief visit, an extended stay of several months, or even an entire season.

Spouse’s Benefits

Spouses on an H-4 Visa can enjoy multiple entries, obtain a driver’s license or U.S. ID, and open a U.S. bank account, ensuring convenience and financial independence.

Required Documents

Applying for the H-4 Visa is simple, primarily requiring a valid passport for a straightforward family reunification process. For Legal Spouses, it is required to have a valid 2 passport-sized picture and a marriage certificate. For children, it is required to have a valid 2 passport-sized picture and birth certificate, be under 21 years of age, and be single. The H2 Worker will need to have a valid Visa or Valid Extension as well.

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Amount of Applicants

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