Process #2 – Visa H4 – Visa H2B

Feb 16, 20230 comments

Global Visa Services
H-4 visa application

At Global Visa Services, we specialize in processing H-4 visa applications for non-agricultural temporary workers, as well as their children and spouses who wish to join them in the United States. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing a fast and efficient service to reunite families.

-Been away from my son for a year has been stressful,hard, lonely and depressing,I was recommended to GVS llc, I spoke to William, he guided me through the process of applying for my sons H-4 visa ,in 3 weeks to be exact my son got his visa and he is here in the USA, even though your visa approval is the sole responsibility of the embassy i Knew my son had gotten it before he even went, because William made sure everything was done professionally, don’t hesitate you can be happy as I am ,with your kids or spouse here with you, thanks William I appreciate what you do.

Annakay Jones


Visa Type

Visa H-4


Panama City Beach, Florida